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Web development is an extension of my artistic expression


Working on computers and creating something from nothing has always appealed to me. Now I have the skill to do what I envision, and continue to work towards bettering myself.


Austin Battenberg

As a web developer I have fostered a variety of skills to make the art I create appealing. Because my grandfather made a living off of his art, I have a love for other people’s hard work and I channel that love and inspiration into my own art. When I would stay with my grandfather as a child, I would organize photos of his work and developed movies for his galleries. I gained an appreciation for the process of bringing your imagination to life.

I have always loved the idea of building something from nothing, and found that I have a natural talent to design structured layouts and use code to make that design interactive. I have always enjoyed building websites for myself, but I have made it my mission to improve my skills so I can become an expert of my trade. While I have fun with my art, to make a living off of what I enjoy is an exciting prospect.

I graduated from The Art Institute of California in 2013 with honors, and have gone on to work as a freelancer for many different companies.