Children’s Season

Reindeer in Space

December 7 - December 21

Saturdays at Noon and 2 pm The Reindeer are back! Reindeer in Space opens in the Chautauqua Children’s Theater on December 7th and runs for three weekends. This show is part of the popular Christopher Crum series starring Santa’s reindeer. All Tickets $7.00

The Tortoise and the Hare

January 25 - February 8

  In The Tortoise and the Hare, the two of them race and the hare believes that since he is much faster than the tortoise, he can slow down and relax and take a nap and still win the race. However, he sleeps for too long and the tortoise eventually passes him, winning the race…. Read more »


March 22 - May 5

  There’s a woman and her husband who live next to a witches house. The woman becomes obsessed with some lettuce growing the witches garden, and convinces her husband to climb the wall and pick it. The witch catches him and forces him to give her his daughter, who she named Rapunzel. She locked Rapunzel… Read more »